GreenLight Ranch


Diary farmers are one of the most laborious of all agricultural business.


Facing with 3 grand difficulties in traditional diary farming, which are milk over production, low price in milk purchase by big corporation, and the trend of decline in diary business, Kevin Lin began to transfer traditional diary farming.


GreenLight Ranch is a self-owned ranch by Milkshop. Selecting high-quality ingredients ingredients like imported alfalfa, sweet oats, bermuda grass and corn silage as dairy cattle’s feed through the cultivated process, GreenLight Ranch has raised over 250 Holstein cattle.


Ever since the establishment, Milkshop doesn’t sell any beverage that adds creamer as ingredients. All branches in Taiwan use fresh milk that is produced by GreenLight Ranch. Not only 100% natural, Green Light Fresh Milk is also smooth to drink. Disinfecting at 72 °C by using pasteurization, Milkshop only gives the best fresh milk to our customers.