Why are Milkshop’s beverages so good to drink? Because Milkshop makes drinks using all- 100%-natural milk, selected tea and natural ingredients! Also,for food safety, MIlkshop entrusts fair and professional laboratories to do periodic inspection on all ingredients. Through scanning the QR code printed on the cup, all of our customers will have access to look…

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The key elements for Milkshop to produce the best beverages are our enthusiastic employees. Each of them portions the ingredients precisely, making sure that every cup is fresh made and has its best flavor. That’s why our drinks are so memorable.

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The secret of Milkshop’s beverages is water. All branches in Taiwan are equipped with water purifiers. While reserving minerals and microelements, the running water is drinkable through the water purifiers. Also, for food safety, before touching the utensils, all employees are requested to sterilize both hands using medical sterilizing liquid from Japan.

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